9 Jan. 2009

My Last Hurrah

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Hello, there. Haven’t seen me in a while? Well to tell you the truth I was absorbed by scholastic and theatrical obligations from about October 22 until December 28. But I still thought of you all. I was working on this:

“unmasked” preview

Unfortunately I’m an extremely slow colorist and I had other artistic responsibilities what had grades attached to them. Sufficed to say I never finished it. Rather, I didn’t realize the comic was already coming to an end. I have no idea what will happen to this blog now… but then I haven’t asked. So much for my series. But if you’re still interested in my work, you can always check my deviantART page.

Cheers, mates. Until next time.

7 Jan. 2009

One last gasp!

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Before this blog goes bye-bye, I figured I’d put up one more tease of the story. It’s a bit of a brutal way to end my last posting here. I almost skipped writing the scene all together, but thought it would be better to relent and put it in. The story will continue at: http://divineroseboot.deviantart.com/


BCINGU, God Bless and keep fighting for more ReBoot!


MegaBob laid curled up on a piece of dead Web Creature like it were the remains of a wrecked life raft. His little floatation device skirted the edges of a large data storm without being drawn inside. He kept his head down, but had his eyes open to see anyone or anything were approaching him. He thought he caught a glimpse of large, leathern winged Web creature just within the swirling energy mass.

This is so humiliating. I’ve been reduced to bait! I might as well be Pandora’s slave. Things can’t get any lower. The virus sighed to himself and patiently waited. This had better work. Pandora is putting a lot a faith in that overgrown thrip Avatar. Viruses enjoy double-crossing each other. I should know. I’m an expert at it.

After what felt like an entire second, MegaBob saw a group of Webriders much different from Pandora’s forces coming towards the storm. Warpan led the group towards the sanctuary of their hidden home. MegaBob lowered his head once more and closed his eyes, waiting for the Webriders to get closer. He found himself breathing deeper to keep himself calm. 

Relax Megabyte. 

MegaBob heard Web speak just to his right. He felt someone touch his shoulder. MegaBob woke like he had been activated from a self-imposed power down. He looked up into the faces of Warpan and Weblash. MegaBob acted startled and asked, “Who are you?”

<<It’s the Guardian?>> Weblash asked Warpan. <<How can that be?>> 

<<This is not our Interface,>> Warpan replied. <<He is in Mainframe.>>

<<Then what is this one? A copy?>>

<<Something is not right,>> Warpan snarled and looked away. He heard the distant sound of a Web creature bellowing out in alarm. His own Web creature mount suddenly became nervous and skiddish as if it wanted to flee. The Webrider unclipped his sword from his belt and warned his troops, <<It is a trap!>>

Avatar charged out of the data storm. Many of the Webriders scattered out of the way of their attacker to size him up. Two of them made the error of standing fast in their positions. With a flick of his two massive tails, Avatar pieced both Webriders in their chests. 

The attack distracted MegaBob from the attention he gave Warpan. When the he turned to look at Avatar, the virus felt the Webrider seize him by the throat. Warpan raised his sword to strike him, when someone shot the weapon out of the Webrider’s hand. MegaBob saw Warlock being carried towards him by Wyvern. The evil Webrider holstered his firearm and unsheathed his axe. Wyvern dropped Warlock beside them and he swung his axe at Warpan’s head, not caring if he hit MegaBob in the process. The virus and the Webrider ducked. The blow severed the headdress off of Warpan head, almost scalping him. MegaBob saw a small amount of green energy and tuffs of raven black hair flow from the top of lead Webrider’s head. Warpan managed to punch his brother in the face before his mount bolted and threw him off. The Web creature pushed MegaBob off his life raft. Wyvern flew over to rescue the virus, carrying him to a safe distance from the battle. From his new vantage point, MegaBob watch the glorious carnage. 

Avatar prevented the Webriders from escaping into the storm while Pandora’s ship moved in behind them, trapping their victims in between. The Webriders were quickly caught in crossfire. MegaBob wondered which Webriders had taken up positions on either side of the bug virus. Then he noticed the degraded sprites had grown insect wings, pincers and antenna. Avatar’s sting had converted the Webriders into bug like slaves. Wolfram leaped from the ship to pounce on a Webrider’s sled, biting down on the driver with his mouth and ripping him with his claws to finish him off. Even Pandora had floated off her vessel to fire viral energy beams at the enemy. MegaBob could hear her wicked and joyous laughter as she struck down her overwhelmed and confused enemies. This all made him very jealous. He wanted to have some fun deleting the Webriders too. But before he could ask Wyvern to fly into the battle, he saw one of the most magnificent sites he had ever witnessed since arriving in the Web.

A Web creature with creamy skin and blazing red eyes came swimming out of the data storm. It seemed as if it had been invisible, however its bleached hide had cloaked it against the fiery energies of the storm until it was too late for him to be seen. A second smaller and younger cow just as white came after the larger bull male. A herd of normal colored Web creatures trailed close behind them, sweeping into the war zone. 

Pandora’s forces had to break off their attacks and pull back as the herd charged through their ranks, picking up the surviving good Webriders onto their backs and wings to protect them from the weapons fire. Warlock got batted away from Warpan by a Web creature’s tail. The beast paused long enough to allow the injured Webrider to crawl on top of her. Weblash climbed on top of the creature as well. Warlock shouted in fury and would have found a way to chase them if he didn’t have to avoid the jaws of the male Ghost File. The beast had slowed down and then turned around to shield the pod as it escaped. The Web creature roared as volleys of weapons fire struck his hide causing deep wounds and burns. The Ghost smelled an evil Web creature’s odor mixed with the scent of a virus nearby. His instinct to engage his natural born enemy were now in control. He focused in on Pandora and immediately swam straight at her. The Queen virus wanted to fight while her Web creature half wanted to flee. By the time she decided to escape out of the way of the Ghost, it was too late. The animal caught one of her tentacles in his mouth and started dragging her away in the opposite direction of her ship.

MegaBob could hear her screams. Normally he should have cared less about Pandora’s fate, but was now even more driven to help her. He yelled up to Wyvern, “What are you waiting for?! Go after them!”

Wyvern shrieked and flew after the Ghost File, carrying MegaBob along with him. Avatar and his now two mutated bug sprite slaves were also chasing the beast. Avatar caught the creature by his tail, managing to slow it down so his servants could hit the Ghost File at point blank range with their weapons. The white monster thrashed Pandora back and forth in his jaws. The Queen virus used her other tentacles to whip the Web creature’s face and cut deep gashes to make him let go. She also scorched his skin black with blasts of viral energy. The beast only crushed the tentacle in its mouth even harder. 

Wyvern flew up along beside them. MegaBob used his foot to try kicking the Ghost in the jaw and teeth. Seeing that it had no result, he then hit the Web creature in the eye. Blinded for a moment, the beast weakened its hold slightly. MegaBob grabbed Pandora and pulled. The Ghost File snapped its jaw down once more severing off the tentacle. Pandora screamed as MegaBob kept a hold on the Queen virus. Wyvern carried them both back and away from the Ghost File. Avatar let the Web creature go. The morally wounded animal swam slowly away and down, falling towards the lower regions of the Web to die. The Ghost File had saved the remaining peaceful Webriders and his female protégé had escaped with the herd. It would be good enough. 

Several Webworms came to assist MegaBob and Wyvern. Pandora was moaning and in pain, but still conscious. He couldn’t see her face underneath her mask, but the glow of her eyes seemed dull. She looked up into MegaBob’s eyes and gasped, “I think… I need… a drink.”

MegaBob didn’t know if she were serious, delusional or attempting to make some kind of joke. The virus ordered Wyvern, “Take us to the ship!”





6 Jan. 2009

ReBoot Webcomic: The End

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ReBoot Webcomic

Well, the final episode of the ReBoot webcomic has finally come and gone. Order has been restored and the heroes have saved their friends. Woot.

And with that ends a massively long and arduous experience. There were hundreds of people involved in this process - not only my original collaborators Vectorya, On-FireWire, Etchasketch, and all the artists and editors - but also all the fans the offered their back-and-forth praise and criticism. It was a tough assignment but, most importantly, we got the job done. Most projects like these flounder before the story is done.

So with that. I think this blog will come to a close for now. I’ll let the other writers report on where you can read their ongoing fan-fics and comics since I know many of you have taken a liking to them. But I think this is the last you’ll hear from me for a while.

Again - thanks to all of you for your fervent interest in the book. When it was good, it was REALLY good. :)


4 Jan. 2009

Queen of The Deleted - Part 6 Section 1

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Part 6 – Phishing Lures

“Avatar?” Pandora said. “Time to wake up dear.”

The giant bug virus stirred from his downtime of sleep. He made a loud buzzing resembling the sound of a yawn before stretching his legs and wings. Avatar still felt the restrains holding him down. The virus was about to ask why he was tied up when he saw MegaBob standing next to Pandora. He instinctively made a lunge for the fake Guardian. MegaBob jumped back a few paces to make sure the bug virus couldn’t reach him. 

Pandora whispered, “Now you know why I left those cables secured to him.”

“So I see,” MegaBob said coolly. He then heard a sound likened to a snicker. He glanced over at Warlock. The Webrider was enjoying the sight of Megabyte being reduced to a copy of the weaker guardian he despised so much. Also, as long as Megabyte remained a copy of Bob, he would be easier for Warlock to keep under watch and control. In spite of how he looked, Megabyte was still able to give Warlock a very nasty stare. He stepped up beside Pandora again and complained, “I’m not as gleeful about my present condition as you are.”

“Give it some time,” Pandora winked at MegaBob before she addressed the bug again, “Avatar. This is Megabyte. You two met a few cycles ago.”

“Megabyte?” The bug virus repeated the name with a suspicious tone. “That is not possible. That is the guardian.”

“The Web has turned him into a Trojan Horse virus. He has copied Guardian 452’s likeness.”

Avatar leaned his head forward and used his antenna to smell MegaBob. The beast snorted, “He smells like the stinking Guardian to me.”

“Trust me. You don’t smell much better,” MegaBob smirked. “When was the last time you took a bath? A minute ago?”

Avatar growled, “They say that sprites like to crush program bugs under their feet.  Shall I try to find out if you make the same nice crunching sounds beneath my claws?”

MegaBob’s voice changed to Megabyte’s for a nano as he replied, “Program bug? You’re nothing but a little thrip.”

“Little?!” Avatar hissed.

Pandora interrupted, “Now boys. You must behave yourselves.”

MegaBob closed his eyes a moment and focused his programming to reformat his voice. He gazed at Pandora and spoke in Bob’s voice again, “I just wanted to have a little fun.”

“We all will have our chances, my dear. After all, we have similar goals in mind.”

Pandora signaled to her Webriders. Warlock and those with him cut away the remaining restraints holding Avatar. The virus stretched himself out to his full height and length. His size would have made it easy for him to attack and subdue Pandora’s forces. Instead, he bowed his head and said, “Forgive me, my Lady. My present circumstance has left me a bit agitated. I used to look a lot handsomer then my present state. Megabyte seems to have taken a step down in his looks as well.”

“I can at least change back,” MegaBob responded.

“Now boys,” Pandora scolded. “Stop sniping like school children.”

“I beg you pardon, my Lady. One must defend ones honor in front of one such as yourself,” Avatar added. He did his best to take Pandora’s hand in his insect claw and lightly kiss it with what remained of his lips. “You are quite lovely, my Queen, far more beautiful then the sprites from my former harem. You are a star among the ravaging Web.”

MegaBob rolled his eyes at the compliment and said to Pandora, “I see you repaired his charm circuit.”

She gushed.  “You could learn something from this.”

“What does my Lady wish of me?” Avatar asked.

“I need your assistance, Avatar. I have enemies to deal with. In exchange, I will allow you to deal with some of your own.”

“Mouse.” Drool dripped off of Avatar’s pincers as he thought about revenge. “I am hungry to get even with the hacker.”

“Yes. She is our enemy as well as yours. You can do as you wish to her as long as we get the Guardian of Mainframe.”

Avatar thought hard about it. He said, “There are others I want. AndrAIa and Ray Tracer.”

“Ray Tracer?” MegaBob asked. “I have never heard of him. Who is he?”

“He is a search engine. Web based.”

“Web?” he glared at Pandora. “Do you know about this?”

She nodded her head, but added, “There have only been rumors. The black Web creature forces have seen someone who sneaks in and out between the Net and Web as if both were equally his home. I first thought he was only a myth. “

“We should capture him!” MegaBob declared. “With his power, getting in and out of the Web would be easier.”

“I can fulfill that task, my dear,” she reminded him. 

“But catching such a sprite has an important strategic advantage,” he added.

“Very important. He is Mouse’s lover,” Avatar added. “If I catch either of the two, the other will be quick to come to the rescue. Ray Tracer would make good bait, before I gut him.”

“It will benefit all of us if we keep the Surfr alive,” MegaBob insisted.

“Would you spoil the fun I would have in deleting him? I like playing finders keepers with my prey.”

“So do we,” Pandora replied.

MegaBob added, “That is certainly true.”

Pandora gave him a look somewhere between a smirk and a scowl before she slithered over to her worktable to pick up a small bag made of Web creature skin and the holo sphere. She returned to Avatar and emptied the contents of the bag on the floor. Jewels and crystals of many different kinds slid across the floor. Pandora stated, “Consider this my payment to you for your services. In reality you owe me much more in return, but I want the Guardian alive. Is that clear?”

 Avatar’s pincers curled upward as he smiled. He picked up the gemstones and placing them inside a sack attached his chest. He nodded, “It will do.”

“Remember, Daemon will not like you meddling,” she reminded him. “You must not tell her about Mainframe. Am I clear?”

“Mainframe? What is that?” Avatar asked in a forgetful tone. “My memory is still all scrambled from my horrible transformation, my Lady.”

“Very good acting. And so you don’t forget what you are looking for.” Pandora held out the holo sphere. 

Avatar took it as well and asked, “I had something like this once. Very impressive.”

 “It is a reminder of our deal. I want this returned to me Avatar. I’ll be very angry if you lose it. Do you understand?”

“Certainly, my Lady.”

“Good. I need one more favor from you before I send you back. There are groups of Webriders we must eliminate. Your particular powers can be useful in the assault. Will you assist me?” Pandora asked and smiled sweetly to him.

“Of course.” Avatar bowed again and tucked the holo sphere into his ammo sack. 

MegaBob had said nothing while Pandora and Avatar were making their final plans, but when she slinked away from the bug virus’ hearing, he asked her, “Are you random?”

“Not in the least, my dearest,” she replied ignoring the insulting comment.

“I thought you needed that holo sphere for the data.”

“It only contains Guardian 452’s basic information parameters. Without the original sprite, the data is useless. You have the missing fragment of data needed for the final conversion. Once we retrieve Interface, I’ll have what I need to begin my own unity campaign.”

“I still think this is madness. What if Avatar betrays you to Daemon?”

Pandora pressed a finger to his lips. She whispered, “You worry too much.”

MegaBob hated how much more infatuated Pandora had become with him since his transformation. He gently nudged her finger away and said, “I understand this grand plan of yours, but what about myself? How do I factor in?”

“First, we do a little phishing, then we’ll see where it goes from there.”

MegaBob gritted his teeth. Somehow he knew that what would happen next was something he wasn’t going to like.

24 Dec. 2008

Merry Christmas

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I wish I had more of the story to tell you this week, but my palm pilot is holding the first two sections of the fan fiction hostage.  

I’m trying to figure out if my computer is having a sync problem or if I need to get a new devise to sync the data.  Either way, the story will be held up for a while. So instead I made a Christmas card using Elf Yourself from JibJab.

I didn’t use myself. I figured it would be much funnier this way. I couldn’t embed it, so copy and paste the link.


I also received a link to a film from Endian as a Christmas gift last year. The artist’s name is John Su.


Have a very Merry Christmas.


Divine RoseBoot

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